Hell's Gate National Park, Kenya

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 18 Jun, 2010 22:32:27

This was a park I really looking forward to – it was a bike-through park! Yes you read correctly, a bike-through! And I actually travelled the 22km trough the park on a bicycle!

What was even more conveniently was that you could reach the park entrance by public transport (from Naivasha), you could sleep at lakeside (cheap) campsites outside the park and you could hire the bicycle at the campsite – so a cheap (possibly the cheapest ever) safari indeed!

What about lions in the park? Well to be honest I was a bit scared when I was there and I felt especially vulnerable being the only human being on the large open plains. But I calmed myself thinking that this park actually advertise that you should cycle through, so maybe it was safe after all?

That safeness-feeling played with my emotions some 30 minutes into the safari. Suddenly I spotted 3 giraffes and 5 antelopes/impalas/”something beige with horns” running down a hill – Oh shit, something is chasing them! My pulse bumps, but in the end I didn’t really see the predator (if any) and after one minute when the animals stopped, then they were actually only 50 meters from me.

Not to much more happened on my trip. I spotted big herds of Zebras and realized that they actually make a really funny sound, a sound I can’t describe, but definitely not horse-ish, I also spotted lots of small grass-chewing animals I can’t name and some warthogs (commonly called “a pumba”), in addition there was some nice scenery with all the rock walls (Hence the name: “Hell’s Gate”)

All in all, a cool experience, and maybe the only place to feel the African fauna without the safety of a car!

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Posted by Grethe 20 Jun, 2010 19:18:10

Hei! Nå gleder vi oss til at du kommer hjem.