Vancouver, Canada

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 28 Mar, 2010 18:30:08

After a short stopover in Seattle I arrived Vancouver, the aim of the visit was to see my old friend Andrea, and of course to experience some Canadian culture.

I got to se the UBC campus, it was among other thing made famous for being the campus in “Smallville”. For me it felt a bit special to be back on a campus (you know it’s been a while since the Trondheim days now), to feel the buzz of students with coffeecups and the sound of lap-tops in the library. One of the days we were also lucky enough to go to a lecture by Paul Rusesabagina, the real person portraited in the movie “Hotel Rwanda”. For me it made an extra impression, as I might go to Rwanda in May/June.

Have you ever heard about Henry A. Larsen? Most likely not, here’s a small wikipedia update: If you have ever been to Skjaerhalden, Norway you have noticed that there is a bronze statue outside of the library, right? That is Henry, he is quite close in my family, my grand-mother is his cusin, so the whole family knows about him, and we all knew something about him being more known in Canada than in Norway. Therefore I went to “Vancouver Maritime Museum”, with no expectations at all. But, here’s the big surprise: It turns out that half of the entire museum is devoted to St.Roch (a polar vessel) and Henry Larsen (Henry was the captain). I was litterally walking in the same footprints as Henry did some 70 years ago (the real boat was a the museum) when he crossed the Northwest Passage, of course feeling a bit proud of his achivements

Another day in Vancouver, there was St.Patricks Day (the day everyone party, not a parade- or “wearing green beads for fun”-day). I borrowed a Green Polo shirt from Tobias, and got myself some Guinness (expencive in Canada!). We had a pre-party in MacKenzie Street before heading out to town. Great fun!

Thanks to Andrea and the others in the appartment for hosting me..

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