Hong Kong, China

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 29 Apr, 2010 21:37:02

I spent one and a half day in this megapolis! Trying to experience all there is to experience (as cheap as possible of course). Therefore I went to the markets, in and around Temple St. To say it at least, it was buzzing with people and a therefore great spot for people watching, which I quite enjoy after numerous trips to Stromstad and Svinesund. I went up to “the Peak” for morning exercise (not tai-chi) and of course a compulsory stop at the “city planning museum”. As a Civil-Engineer-student who is interested in sustainable cities with good infrastructure, Hong Kong is a must-see! Skyscrapers everywhere and fancy roads delicately placed in between. Add some elevation challenges (at the Hong Kong side) and a location prone to stormy weather. Then you need carefully planning! Unfortunately the museum wasn’t too educational, but still fair enough.

Then there was the Star Ferry, which famously runs the strait that separates the two main parts of the city. You feel some sort of absurdness (although a good absurdness) when the boat itself is centuries old and the surrounding skyscrapers belong to the future.

My last impression of Hong Kong was “the symphony of lights” which takes place each evening at 8pm. The music was not as impressive, and the lights gave me just a “been there, done that”-feeling. Still I very much enjoyed to have been there and to have done that. The same applies for Hong Kong, it is an interesting city, with a divided soul.