Xi'an, China

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 01 Apr, 2010 06:50:43

Daniel, Andreas, Sondre and I travelled by Z53 here, a terrific high-speed train. The 12 hours night-train where comfortable and the trip sort of felt too short, that's how comfortable it was!

Xi'an was also good, it's another of these BIG Chinese cities, but maybe less touristy than in Beijing (if imaginary possible) the only downturn was all the smog (aka pollution). I was standing inside a BIG roundabout, actually 30 meters above the trafic, on top of the old Xi'an belltower and looked in each direction. Due to the smog you could actually see less than 1 km in each direction. It's these days I really appriciate living in (clean, controlled and tiny) Norway.

But smog wasn't the reason for going to Xi'an, the Terracotta-warriors were!
We had a private guide (in my opiniton, without to much know-how), we got piled through a compulsary terracotta factory and a we got to experience noodles in a "recomended" restaurant. Nevertheless, to be on the site of the Terracotta warriors were great. All of these (over 8000, possibly many more not yet found) were made 2200 year ago and buried together with the emperor Qin Shi Huang, and they really looked real!

Apart from the beuty of the site, it was great fun to backpack with people I knew and to pose on multiple pictures, either with or withouth 30 japanesee girls and/or a dutch blond woman. I also had a repeat of the 2007-"Thunder"-"Russe"-photoshoot (I bet Jorgen disagree with the grammar in this word). While jumping a splithop then (in 2007) my "russepants" got a rift "under there", amd while jumping a splithop on the terracotta warriors sight, my long-time-favorite-backpacking-levis jeans tore apart (over the but), revealing my Bjorn Borg to 1000nds of Chinese at the sight, and even more while sightseing Xi'an later. Thankfully I'm not that shy, at least it worked as a conversation starter (when needed).