San Andrés Semetabaj, Guatemala

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 16 Mar, 2010 22:18:25

Some days ago I got this mail from a friend back home (Berit) that I should go and visit an orphanage drifted by two Norwegian women in San Andrés Semetabaj. I made contact and I was on my way, according to Lonely Planet it was supposed to be an easy, getting myself to Chimaltenango and then follow the Interamericana the entire well. Turned out that Lonely Planet made a mistake (found out on bus number two), and I was on another Chicken-bus-blues rally. “El route”: Antigua-Chimaltenago, Chimaltenango - Interamericana junction, Interamericana junction – Patzun, Patzun – Gobinez, Gobinez - San Andrés Semetabaj

It was interesting enough; I even got to spend some time in Patzun (Fredrikstads friendship city). But from Patzun the only mean of transport was a truck. I met a family and joined them on the trip onwards, great fun, and great views! I even think the mother tried to pair me up with one of the daughters; however I pretended to didn’t understand the Spanish – sometimes a white lie is allowed :)

In San Andrés it met Unn-Lisbeth who took me to the orphanage. And after a while some of the kids were climbing on me, they were just soooo sweet, and I could easily spend longer time there. Later in the evening I also met Else, and they told me that they have 14 kids living there, all with different stories, stories that have now turned into happier tales. I also got to learn that they are looking for a partner organization that could run a “youth”-home, at the moment, they didn’t know what to do when the kids reached the teens. So if you by any chance know someone who is within volunteering and are interested in starting a long-term project, let Unn-Lisbet and Else know. Anyway you should check out their web-pages: and