Tikal, Guatemala

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 06 Mar, 2010 17:01:18

As you remember I was unlucky and couldn´t make it to Machu Picchu when I was in Peru. BUT luckily I was able to visit the other grand ruins of my trip: that be Tikal.

The site itself was amazing, enourmous temples scattered around. But what made it magic was the fact that the site was set deep inside of the jungle. So we heard Howler Monkeys, and spotted many Spider Monkeys.

What destroyed the feeling a bit a was my overprice unknowledgable guide, 15 people that "gustan" A LOT to take photos of EVERYTHING, and 4 Israelis in flip-flops (I mean, who walks in the jungle and climbs on ruins in flip-flops)

Still when the group and I walked eachothers way at 10 o´clock - I was able to let my inner Indiana Jones come alive and I had great fun!