Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 03 Mar, 2010 01:42:30
Utila was one of my two goals for the 3 week Central American leg (The other one – being Tikal, Guatemala). I really wanted to come here for the scuba-diving, which is world class! On Utila you are living on a small Caribbean island, with Bob Marley music and a Caribbean-English (really cool, and really difficult to understand) – speaking population. The days are lazy and mostly devoted to scuba-diving, everyone scubadives here (well obviously apart those that work with other businesses). But scuba-diving is the “reason to be” for Utila.

I decided on taking my PADI Advanced Open Water Certificate here, it’s the certificate after the ordinary Open Water Diver (which I took in Turkey August’09). And yesterday I graduated (Hurray!) Now can go down to 30 meters and I can learn more about the specialities of Scuba Diving.

Despite the fact that I scubadived (7times in total: night dive, deep dive, current dive, navigational dive, peak performace buoyancy dive and 2 fun dives) for eduacational purposes, I still got to see a lot of the Caribbean under water! The visibility was good, and there were a lot of interesting reef formations. But surpricingly not that many fishes (compared to Turkey and Brazil) yet still a fair share of interesing colorful stuff.

The most interesting, and the fish that makes every scubadiver I talk with jealus was the whale shark we spotted today! I have seriously snorkeled 4 meters from a whale shark! Between the two dives (the so-called surface-intervall), the captain got a report that a whale shark was spotted som miles away. We rushed to the site, and snorkeled into the water. The whaleshark swam just below us! Amazing! The biggest fish in the sea!

(All the photos are from the internet, but really when you scuba-dive you do get as close to the fishes as in the photos, and you do see fishes on every dive! So go Scuba-Dive)