Esteli, Nicaragua –> La Ceiba, Honduras

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 03 Mar, 2010 01:12:08

I was determinded that this leg I wanted to do in one day! Mostly to “save” Honduras for a later occation, and the fact that driving busses is not allwas fun.

Due to strange(timewise, who wants to arrive Tegucigalpa at 11pm?) (and expencive) international buss-services I decided to do the trip across the border myself, starting at 5am.

This post might not be the most interesting one, but it shows you the backbone of central america – Namely, the chicken busses:


They are old american schoolbusses (for children) therefore there’s not much space between each seat (in fact A LOT smaller than Ryanair). And when you are maybe a head taller than the average centralamerican, and the busses fill up with the amount of people in a half filled ryanair cabin (90). The personal space is limited to say it at least

I had the pleasure of riding 5 (Esteli – Ocotal, Ocotal – Los Manos (aka the border), Los Manos – El Paradisio, El Paradisio – Danli, Danli –Tegucigalpa)of these busses on my way from Esteli to Tegucigalpa. All with Reggaeton music! One with a crazy driver!

Yet I made it to La Ceiba (18 h in total) in one day – shaken and Central-Americanized.