Somoto Canyon, Nicaragua

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 03 Mar, 2010 00:47:49

In the travellers bible, the Lonely Planet I found something cool: “Quetzaltrekkers” Its an organization build up by volunteering travellers, and all the profit (I was told over 50% of the tour price) goes to a project called “Los Tios”- a school that helps street kids in Leon. When the company offers amazing (trekking) tours with camping under the stars, public transportation and local food, could you think of a reason to not go with them?

I couldn’t find any, and I decided to go on to a three day trip to the Somoto Canyon!

On route to the Canyon, the guides (Conor (Ireland) and Amy (England)) took us to a tour to a cigar factory as well. And it was interesting, I cannot see to much more, it was just interesting to see the big big process of cigarmaking. Acutually over 100 people worked on that factory, and they all looked pretty happy (Allthough maybe not in the moment when a gringo turn up with a camera)

(the man rolls, the woman fineadjust and puts on the high-quality outmost layor. There were allways a man AND a woman for this task)

After some chicken busses and a bit of trekking we reached the canyon and the “miraflor” (A platform 100m above the canyon – on the edge) where we slept under the stars, and under the noise of my loud sleeping bag (Quetzaltrekker’s, so no worries if you are going to host me in the future)

(Imagine early-bird sunrise from this spot! Unfortunately I overslept it)

Then there was the canyon! We used 6 hours to swim and walk through it. Mostly swimming actually! Sometimes the walls reach 120m to each side, with only a 7m gap between and an emeral green stream/river you will understand the amazingness! In addition there was opportunities for jumping (I love to jump of cliffs – to water). I aimed for the perfect facebook profile picture, but I was unlucky.

(Kelsey (USA), Valerie (Belgium), Amy (England) and me)

At the end of the canyon we were asked to take a shortcup UP the 100meter wall, climbing! A strange thing, I enjoy jumping off places which Amy couldn’t stand at all, but I actully really disliked climbing up the wall, which Amy quite liked. Hurray for diverse fears!

The night under the stars were again perfect, homemade torillas the following morning made it even better

Thanks to Conor and Amy and the Quetzaltrekkers!