León, Nicaragua

UpdatesPosted by Karl Kristian Larsen 26 Feb, 2010 05:01:59

I really loved León! It was a nice cultural city (much like Granada). But with a high focus on the environment as well, in addition I met some cool people! Maybe I was just lucky with the hostel? Who knows? At least I have never had som much organic food nor contributed to reforesteation for two days before.

Have you ever heard of volcano-boarding? Probably not! The idea is that you climb the volcano (in this case – Cerro Negro) And you slide down on a board/sledge. I have done sledgeing (=aking) in downhillskiing slopes and in various hills around Torsnes, so I was sort of familiar with the concept, but it was really something different to sledge down on ash/rocks/gravel on a volcano (and when you are supposed to go down 300 m you do sledge for a bit longer than the 5 seconds of “blaaveislia”). It was good fun, and I got high speed (in fact I was the one that made it farthest away at the botton – a bit proud yes), maybe around 60km/h and I was among the dirtiest, ash and rocks everywhere.

Because of the nature of flying gravel and ash I didnt dare taking photos during and post-sledgeing

If you are going to León, make sure you do the volcanoboarding!

(on the way up)

(The standard jumping photo - with a bad photographer. From left: Lian (Canada), Helene (Norway), Karen (Holland) and me (Norway))

This video gives you the exact idea of what we did: